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My Mission Statement:

My mission and pledge is to provide the best possible intergrated healthcare service, within a framework of empathy, integrity, safety and Client-centred professional practice. Whether a Client is  dealing with a long-term chronic or an acute condition, or wants to support and maintain their current state of health,  I am firmly committed to providing expert, appropriate solutions for every person. I deliver on my mission by using the best possible tools, modalities, protocols and support to assist my Clients to achieve their aims. 



My Main Area of Specialism is Supporting Those Who Struggle With Sleep, To Sleep Better. Why?


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 " Every living creature, both human and animal, is a true miracle of science - a sophisticated phenomenon of incredibly complex, interconnected systems that work together in a constant quest for 'homeostasis' - the regulated stability of different internal functions that keep those systems on an even keel.  If we're too hot, too cold, thirsty, hungry, agitated or unwell, one or another of our body systems will always let us know. 

     "The process of healing comes directly from our ability to understand exactly what our bodies are saying. For that to work, we need to be in tune with our bodies, to understand some of the other, less obviously recognised ways in which they're trying to communicate with us."  - Maxine Cook 

Sort Your Sleep! Manageable & Safe Solutions to Insomnia

Sleep-targeted Counselling & Cognitive Reframing

Sort Your Sleep! Manageable & Safe Solutions to Insomnia


I offer Preliminary & Full Insomnia Assessments and individually tailored Sleep Programs for people who are suffering from long-term sleep disruption 

There are different forms of insomnia that affect people in different ways, at different times, and for different reasons.  On the basis of comprehensive assessment, Sleep Programs are individually designed to meet each Client's unique, specific needs and are undertaken with full support in the comfort of the Client's home. 

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Sleep Education Training Seminars & Public Speaking

Sleep-targeted Counselling & Cognitive Reframing

Sort Your Sleep! Manageable & Safe Solutions to Insomnia


Workshops and seminars in the corporate and private sector to inform companies, their staff, and other groups of people in all walks of life about the importance of sleep, to productivity, health and wellbeing.  I speak at conferences and other events to talk about sleep and the specific impact of insomnia for different demographic groups. I can also donate my time to speak to Charities and other voluntary not-for-profit organisations, where time and geography permits.  

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Sleep-targeted Counselling & Cognitive Reframing

Sleep-targeted Counselling & Cognitive Reframing

Sleep-targeted Counselling & Cognitive Reframing


Holistic, non-judgemental, confidential counselling is offered on a one-off or ad-hoc basis, and more regularly by request. Sessions are done by phone, Zoom or Skype so they can take place in the privacy and comfort of the Client's nominated space, which makes it easy to connect with me from anywhere.    I am a qualified Humanistic/Decision-making Counsellor, focussing on Client-centred empowerment, cognitive behavioural therapy and solution-focussed cognitive reframing.

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Transformative Retreats - Come Away To Bali!

Aromatherapy/Herbal & Vibrational Medicine for Sleep

Sleep-targeted Counselling & Cognitive Reframing


Retreat Experiences for women over 50 who are in transition or emotional turmoil, or who simply want to take some time out to consolidate, re-evaluate or relax.  These very special experiences take place in Bali, Indonesia, to a beautiful secluded five-star resort where every need is taken care of, and where time can be taken to relax, rejuvenate, meditate, heal, contemplate the future or find a new direction with Bali's extraordinary healing energy and expert psychological support.  

Sleep-Supportive Nutrition & Weight Management

Aromatherapy/Herbal & Vibrational Medicine for Sleep

Aromatherapy/Herbal & Vibrational Medicine for Sleep


Diet, food intolerances and eating regimes can all have a massive impact on health and sleep quality.  Our relationship with food can be complex and not necessaarily helpful.  I offer assessment and structured, constructive advice on what foods, supplements and habits are best suited to individual Clients for their own specific, unique personal variables that prevent them from getting a good night's sleep.  Diet programs can be individually tailored to support  specific needs 

Aromatherapy/Herbal & Vibrational Medicine for Sleep

Aromatherapy/Herbal & Vibrational Medicine for Sleep

Aromatherapy/Herbal & Vibrational Medicine for Sleep


As a qualified Aromatherapist, Herbalist, Crystal Healer and Chromatherapist, I offer a range of complementary therapies that support the body's natural instinct to heal itself.  

These treatments, which have been in existence for thousands of years, act as important triggers that encourage and promote the body and brain's natural systemic and emotional healing capabilities, particularly as they affect the ability to sleep the way the human body is biologically designed to do.  

Who Is Maxine Cook? BA (Hons); MSc; Dip. SAC; CMA; IAHT; BPS

     I'm a Psychologist, Complementary Therapist and Sleep Coach.  I've had a complicated health journey of my own that has spanned every decade of my life, but it was over 50 years before I finally identified and resolved the issues that underpinned my health problems.  

     Mainstream medicine failed consistently to link a lot of my symptoms  so I was never properly diagnosed, just "managed" on drugs I was told I had to take for the rest of my life!  But I didn't want to settle for just being "managed"!  I wanted to be healthy again.  - free from pain and discomfort, free from prescription drugs I didn't need to take, and sleeping properly again for the first time in years!

     I sought help from the alternative sector, got my health back, and  retrained in therapies that directly, naturally and gently address the issues that drive the state of people's health.  As a Psychologist I have always understood the devastating impact of insomnia on mental health.  Having retrained I now also understand the potentially life-limiting and life shortening phsyical and biological effects as well.  I'm now committed to helping others who want to sleep better and reclaim their health, particularly those who feel that they're not being properly heard or getting the support they really need from mainstream medical practice. 



Part of the miracle that the human body represents is its ability to take us to a level of sleep where we heal from a wide variety of biological, physical and emotional challenges that can occur simply in the course of how we live. We are biologically designed to reach a certain, baseline level of sleep where repair and restoration occurs, to our cells and all of our other interconnected systems. It is this level of sleep that helps us to maintain healthy systems, including hormone regulation, and a robust immune system - two of the vital functions that drive the state of our health.  It's not difficult to achieve good sleep quality but people who have fallen out of the habit of sleeping properly do benefit significantly from enlisting expert support to get them back on track permanently - not just for a night or two.   

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